Journey 2012 is Underway!

It's been quite a while since our last post, not because of lack of interest or things to write about. The last several weeks have possibly passed by faster than any others in my life time because of everything we are working on in preparation of taking Rejoice Project to two new areas of East Africs, the Run for Orphans event, and Journey 2012! This time every year is filled with excitement, anticipation, and preparation for our students to arrive from all over the US and to begin their journey to Africa. Our staff team has started to make their way to Atlanta to prepare for the arrival of Interns on the 19th of this month! For those of you sending a friend, relative, or student, here is an outline of the next several weeks:

Journey Arrives in Atl!!! - every year we kick off Journey with a welcome party where we invite the friends and family of our Journey students as well as Journey Alum, friends, and supporters of Choose to Invest. It's a great time of finally meeting everyone face to face and allowing the Invest community to welcome and pray for this year's team.

Camp Highland - this is our team building portion of the Journey Experience and is always full of surprises. God never ceases to do incredible things in all of our lives through the partnership and ministry of our friends up at Camp Highland! The Journey team will spend a week here before our final packing to head to Africa!

Africa - we will keep you all posted on the travel process so that you can follow along and pray for the team as they transition. Once they arrive in-country we will do our best to update the blog every other day, we often experience difficulties with connection during the times we are in the 410 Bridge communities so we appreciate your patience in advance.

Debrief - one of the most important times of the Journey Experience is our debrief period back in Atl. This is where we process together as a team, pray about what God is asking us to do with all that He has faithfully revealed to us, and empower each other in God's truth to go and live boldly for His glory.

A tradition we started with our first group of Journey students is introducing the team individually here at Tomorrow, we will start that process so that everyone can meet and pray specifically for our 2012 team. We always get great feedback about this process at the end of our time together and are blessed to know that there is a group of people at home who were covering us all in prayer.

So, take some time today to spread the word to your friends and family and let them know that the introductions begin tomorrow!