Here it is... Journey 2012!

Can you say 20 interns 20 times fast within 20 seconds???

God certainly has His way of making each year different and the pacing so unique. We have been overwhelmed with an incredible number of applications this year and all the Glory is to God. Behind those applications are stories, hearts, moments, and names.

We are excited to introduce you to the new Journey 2012 interns:

Will Tumlin - AL
Abi Thompson - SC
Zach Genre - TX
Ashleigh Faggard - NC
Samuel Green - IL
Emily Grace Bennett - AL
Will Rudisill - SC
Kaylynn Crites - GA
Brantley Bell - SC

Who will be joining these guys, the rest of the J2012 team,

Lindsey Atkins – FL
Kadie Haase – GA
Alyson Haulsee – MS
Jennifer Messer – IA
Jakeb Stunz – TX
Brandie Banner – GA
Ben Pertl – IL
Luke Cummings – GA
Rachel Eller – GA
Morgan Dixon – NC
Joshua Bridwell - GA

Please be praying for God’s continued favor in knitting this team community, threaded with grace and humility. They are all about to enter into some of the most significant times of the entire discipleship movement. The months leading up to our time in East Africa involve community building, fundraising, spiritual pruning, and surrender. Join us in lifting up this group by name that they may be postured to trust God’s providence, purpose, and perfect love.