A New Season

We have had the pleasure of working in partnership with Kristine Wendt since October of 2008 when she moved from Minnesota to Atlanta to help us launch the ministry of Choose to Invest. She has served selflessly ever since and in various roles depending on our season and need. She joined us on our "vision trip" on which we had three staff and our first... and only college student, Jenny.

Since that time, Kristine has helped us by writing curriculum, interviewing potential Journey students, managing host homes, welcome parties, debrief week, administrative support, facilitating Senior Internship, traveling to Haiti, volunteering at events and conferences, and the list goes on! Recently, Kristine has felt God leading her in a new direction and that requires her role with Invest to shift and her season with us to change. We are grateful for her friendship, ministry, and partnership over the past 3 years and we look forward with anticipation to what God is going to use her for next. Please join us in prayer for Kristine as she again steps out in faith to follow His leading.

Thoughts from Kristine -

I was sitting in class last June, many of my closest friends in Africa, and me in a heap of discipleship from the Counselor Himself; when I received a visual invitation from the Lord. The invitation was that I place myself on the altar of sacrifice -- not for any kind of slaughter or idol worship, but truly as an invitation to trust God with all of me (circumstances, finances, my whole heart, my future), unto His Provision and His Goodness.

This image immediately drew me into the Old Testament anthology of Abraham and Isaac. I was stunned to meet of a man who three times responded, quite immediately, “Here am I!” when asked to complete seemingly outlandish things. He was obedient, and his faith was great in the Almighty God. When asked to give up his son, Isaac, on the altar of sacrifice (an invitation that was laughable, since Abraham had been promised that He’d be the Father of the Generations!); Abraham responded, taking the steps to follow through on what God asked of Him. He was obedient, and his faith was great in the Almighty God. When Abraham heard the voice of God to set his son free, Abraham bowed down in worship exclaiming: “He is Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Provides.”

Abraham lived out of radical faith in the Provision and Goodness of God. I am inspired.

Today, I step away from employment with Choose to Invest, trusting that God is good and that He will provide the next vision. I will remain an active Board Member, a key volunteer, and, God-willing, an ever-present aspect of the story God is writing through Choose to Invest.

So, unto the next thing I go. I don’t, at the time of this writing, know what that is. I don’t know why God has chosen this as obedience at this time; I am sure I’ll catch on someday. He is Jehovah Jireh. I already have aches of missing quality time with the interns as they Journey. I have glory-aches from the memories. But I am rejoicing because I shall not travel far from my Journey Family. We are kindred together in life, boldly going about as living sacrifices with our whole lives as worship!