Rejoice While Walking

I am so very excited about the upcoming Race for Orphans! To me, this race is more  than allowing people to be invovled in the movement, it's allowing them to step into the world  of and getting a taste of the daily life of our African friends who live in the rural villages. I don't know if you are like me but the thought of running a 5K is not something that gets me excited. Now don't get me wrong, I love doing "fun" outdoor things, I love to take a tap class, or pilates but running to me is about one of the most boring things in the world. I have a TON of friends who are runners and they are probably laughing at me right now. The truth is I still to this day cannot figure out why people love running. If you are like me and you think 5k and the next thoughts that follow are not so pleasant than you are not alone. What I love about this race is that it is a good reminder that most of the time our efforts to travel across several miles by foot are just that, a choice.  For my precious African friends this is not the same scenario. I want to tell you about my friends who are a part of a team called the 252 team! These friends of mine are amazing examples to the world about perseverance, discipline, and sacrifice. Every morning they wake up and walk, before they have their breakfast or their daily routine, they walk. Many of them walk anywhere from 3-7 miles just to get their water for the day. Some of them have children, they walk. There is no school bus passing by to pick them up or bring them home, they walk. School kids in this village walk on average between 3-7 miles. I had the privlege of following one of my friends Donald as he went through his daily routine. I wanted to be able to catch a glimpse into their life before we see them for the day.  Although I could go on and on about the things I learned that early morning as I watch he and his wife get ready and prepare their 2 children and neice for the day, what stands out most of all is his rejoicing as he walked.  Our camera guys followed behind him and as he walked mile, upon, mile the vibrant smile that you see in this picture never left his face. He sang, he prayed, and he smiled.

As we go into this race I am hoping that we don't just get runners! We have designed a fun run for families to join in. As families make a decision to jump into this race it provides for great teachable moments with our children about what other children and families go through daily just simply to be alive and yet through it all they choose joy!

My prayer for this race is that I will be able to walk and have joy like my friend Donald, I am confident God will teach me a lot!