Edward Phillips

Hey yall! I am Edward Phillips. I just finished my sophomore year at Clemson University. I applied for Journey 2010 because I was looking to invest my life is something more than myself. I heard about the Journey Internship and started to look into it to see what it was about. At first, I did not know if this was what God wanted to do with my summer. I then felt God telling me that this is what he wanted me to do. I have a heart for serving others and I know this is where He wants me. I also have a heart for Kenya. I went to Kenya with 410 Bridge during my Christmas break and it was an amazing trip. God taught me a lot and I fell in love with Kenya! I then went through the application process and got accepted! I cannot wait to meet all of the other interns and spend 8 life-changing weeks with them.

I hope for God to rock my world and teach me a lot through this internship. One thing is that I hope God teaches me where my heart is for missions. I feel like He is calling me into the mission field in some way or another, and I think He will teach me a lot about that through this internship. I also hope to be set on fire for my community and college campus after this experience, impacting everyone in my community and showing them God’s love.

God has taught me so much through preparing for this internship. When I first got accepted I was very excited but that quickly changed. I knew that we were going to be camping out in Kenya and that began to instill fear within me. I let this fear build up to the point that I almost turned down this opportunity. During this time I was reading through Joshua in my quiet time and God absolutely rocked me with something one morning. He pointed out how Joshua never feared even when God told him to fight battles that he thought he could never win. Joshua did not question God; he trusted in Him and obeyed. God used this to point out the fear that I had let build up in me. I then saw that I had to trust in Him and push that fear away. I knew this internship was what he wanted me to do and I could not let anything hold me back. After this I got really excited about this internship and have not quit thinking about it!

God used my fundraising process to teach me about trust also. I thought that I would never raise the money for this trip but He quickly showed me that I could not do it but He could. I realized that I was questioning the process and worrying about it more than praying about it and trusting Him to provide. When I turned everything over to Him and begged Him to help me, the money started to come in. It was not any time and I had raised the money for my trip through fundraising and support letters. This also showed me how I am not in control. I have to trust God and if it is His will it will happen.

I look at these things and see how far God has brought me and how much He has taught me through this process and cannot wait to see what God teaches me during the eight weeks of this internship….

Thank you so much for all you do for Choose to Invest, it is greatly appreciated!!!

Edward Phillipsjep@clemson.edu