2011 Ministry Update - Journey

*Click the here to watch a video about Emily's "Journey"

We are excited about this week's blog posts! As we look back over 2011 we are comforted and encouraged by God's sovereignty and by the way that He works every detail for His good. This week we are going to reflect on what God did through the Choose to Invest projects in 2011 and share with you what we are looking forward to in 2012.

We are so blessed by the community of people that surround and support Choose to Invest and we want you to know that God used you to help make a lasting impact on the lives of many throughout the year.

Journey Internship: This year God brought us a group of 18 new students who signed up to “journey” to Kenya for our longest trip thus far. 7 weeks / 49 days, were spent traveling to rural communities we have been working with for a few years through our partner organization, The 410 Bridge. God moved in the lives of this group of students in such a way that everyone who spent any amount of time with them commented that the presence of God could be felt within them. Because of your support, we were able to begin our discipleship process with them in January and we are continuing on through the end of the year with various resources and encouragement. They are doing so well and leading strongly for the glory of their Heavenly Father! We, the Invest team, often feel like proud parents / siblings when we see how God is using the Journey Interns in their schools, homes, and places of work. Journey 2011 has now joined the community of Journey “Alum.” 

Journey Alum = 53 students who have experienced intentional discipleship and are living boldly for His glory because you were willing to invest! 

This year, we also invited former interns back as “summer staff” to help serve, disciple, and empower our new Journey team. It was a beautiful thing to watch our summer staff team not only continue to grow and learn, but to invest in the lives of their peers in such a heartfelt and authentic manner. Our summer experience was a true picture of His Church!

Next week we will welcome our staff back to Atlanta for our annual NY Eve gathering and to attend Passion Conference with many of the Journey Alum! It will be great for our team to be together for the first time since Journey this summer as we pray, plan, and prepare together for the upcoming year!