The Start of Journey 2012

One of the highlights for us as staff when it comes to Journey is the process of notifying applicants that they are going to be a part of Journey. Yesterday, Cody and Chelsea spent time calling and emailing the first group of our new Journey 2012 interns and today we are happy to share their names with you! Our desire is that you would begin praying for this group both individually and collectively as God begins to grow them together as a team. The exciting thing is that we are not finished yet! We are still in the process of interviewing and receiving applications and we will announce more of the team in January.

So... Here they are:

Lindsey Atkins - FL
Kadie Haase - GA
Alyson Haulsee - MS
Courtney Causey - GA
Jennifer Messer - IA
Jakeb Stunz - TX
Cory Morris - KS
Brandie Banner - GA
Ben Pertle - IL
Luke Cummings - GA
Rachel Eller - AL
Morgan Dixon - NC
Kaitie VanderLinden - IA