Journey Men

We have learned so much in the 3 years of Invest and we are constantly looking at culture and the changing dynamics to help us understand what is influencing the lives of the next generation and how we can best share God's truth in a way that challenges the status quo American lifestyle. Something we noticed from day one are the challenges that face this next generation of men. Like every generation before, there are themes, events, and unique challenges that shape and define if and how they will lead and in what direction so there is nothing new about this next generation in that regard. What we do notice is that the unique set of challenges they are facing is making it much to easy for the men to play things safe when it comes to living out their Christian faith and for the women to step up and in to leadership to fill the void.

We believe and trust that God knew what He was doing when He created Adam and Eve and His design for how we all function in relationship and as His Church. So many young men are wrestling with what it really means to be a man... a Godly man that loves like Christ did, provides for their future family, leads in a way that others want to follow, and please those in their lives they care about most. It's no secret that the institution of the church is struggling to nurture boys in such a way that they get what it means to live life like God designed them to. Warriors when it comes to injustice and leading their families, peacemakers when it comes to their brothers and sisters in the Church, and every day dying to what the world tells them to be and seeking the face of God in every moment.

Durning Journey, we see it. We watch young men leave behind the pressures of this world and just journey in the freedom that God planned for them to experience. Each year God uses our time at Camp Highland, in Kenya, and serving in Atlanta to encourage the hearts of the next generation of Christian men and we love to be a part of that!

Journey needs men! This year we have received more applications than our previous three years and we are excited to announce the first round of acceptance later this week, but we need more men. If you or someone you know is ready to be challenged... ready to grow... and ready to experience God in a unique way, check out our Journey 2012 page and application to learn more about it. [button link="" color="teal"]Journey 2012[/button]

God says the enemy is like a thief in the night and that he is here to steal, kill, and destroy the lives of men. We believe that, and we also believe that God is the only hope of freedom and abundant life and that is what we desire for this next generation. Life lived abundantly by a generation will usher in a new kind of leadership for His Church and we pray every day for more men to lead the way.

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