We Love to Journey!

Journey - a global discipleship movement for the next generation leader

Journey is a movement... we call it the Journey Internship but really it’s more than an internship. It’s an opportunity for anyone ages 18-24 to come and experience discipleship, community, Church, creation, faith, and the people of Kenya. It’s an opportunity for the team at Invest to spend time investing in this generation by encouraging them in God’s infallible truth and empowering them to live with an eternal perspective by applying what God teaches them in Kenya to their life at home.

We believe and know that it’s so easy to become distracted by everything the world, and specifically our American culture, has to offer. God asks more of us than getting a good education, finding a good job, raising a family, and saving for retirement. He asks us to be stewards of everything He places in to our care (experiences and resources). He also desires that our hearts become so aligned with His that we have no choice but to live differently from the world, bringing glory to His name through everything that we do.

Each year we watch our teams experience God’s freedom through the death of our own worldly desires. Between camping in the rural villages of Kenya, building relationships with people who have nothing according to our standards but have a faith that’s unwavering, and living in a community of your peers who commit to developing relationships the way God intended, Journey team members will be stretched, challenged, and inspired. God has called each of us right now... not tomorrow, not when we are finished with school, and not necessarily when we have a great paying career. He calls us to live BOLDLY for him today!

God has already provided a flood of Journey applicants and we are so excited about what He is going to do this year! We will be announcing our first round of acceptances on the 7th of December so that all of you can begin praying with us for our team by name.

If you, or someone you know is interested in applying for Journey 2012... there's still time! We are looking for a few more men for our summer experience AND we would like to offer a fall experience for the first time this year. [button link="http://choosetoinvest.org/#/journey-internship/2012-application" size="small" color="silver"]Apply Here Today[/button]

We're highlighting Journey 2012 all week so keep checking back with us to hear more!

The Invest Team