gumby... be flexible, be moldable, surrender

Gumby...    to our journey alumni and staff, represents flexibility , mold-ability, and a picture of surrender. Our willingness to give over control to God and surrender to His will. (We share this idea from our partners at The 410 Bridge.)

Each summer when our interns come into the Journey Internship, they are fresh off of finals, major work schedules, late nights, busy weekends, months of fundraising, family time, and detailed shopping for internship materials, acute attention to their calendar, and a for many an idea that they themselves are in control of their days...They have been a part of the pace of their context.
 The Journey Internship is quite a different context, and right from the beginning we ask them to “Be Like Gumby.”

WHY? What do we mean “Be Like Gumby”?? 

We mean, be flexible: Have grace with yourself, with your team, and in our events for the day (things can change quite a bit). Take a breath and pray a lot. When you find yourself stressing out about life or life’s circumstances be willing to take 2 steps back and fall into the arms of our loving savior, Jesus. Be willing to confess weakness, and be willing to be honest about what cannot or don’t want to do. Let him give you the strength and work in the heart of your desires.
We mean, be moldable: Be prepared to be stretched in the journey, in your tolerances (foods, sleeping comforts, pet peeves, structure), your perceived capacity, your comfort level, and your willingness to try new things. Be willing to move into any position, place or reality that God desires to move you into and through that willingness to say Lord your will, not mine, the spirit of God begins a work in our lives that is not explainable outside of His power and glory! Be still enough, and quiet enough to listen to his desires and his ways.
We mean, surrender: We do believe that our lives are living sacrifices (Romans 12:1-2). We believe that we are asked, because of the Grace of God and our obedience to Him, to throw off the things that hinder us (Hebrews 12:1-2) that we might be alive with life in obedience to His voice daily and by our willingness we will experience true life found only in Jesus Christ.
Gumby is a reminder, he isn’t truth. Gumby represents for us the willingness we each must choose with our will’s to be postured in surrender daily to the God who sets the pace and the scope of our lives.
Are you operating out of your plans today or the will of the Father?
Are you frustrated because things aren’t going the way you desired or on your time line?
Are you disappointed because God has closed a door and clearly told you no?

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

May gumby to a reminder to you today that Jesus wants us to come to him, and as we are willing to be flexible, moldable and surrender to the will of the Father he will give us true life and rest!