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As we look to the future, we see a generation of leaders willing to truly get to know God, understand their new identity because of his overwhelming grace, and who will fully live in His truth and by His power. We see students working with their time, community, and resources each day and not waiting until they become "responsible adults." What is often perceived as naivety, we believe is unhindered vision and the willingness to dream as big as God really is. The next generation should be leading now in ways that draws attention from all around them and reflects it straight to God. Bringing glory to God in their every day living...

Chase is coming up on his senior year at Clemson University, studying to be an Architectural Engineer. Chase has incredible vision and God is already using him for great things. Edward (Journey 2010 student and now the Kimbilio Project Director) connected with Chase last year after returning to school in the fall and began sharing with Chase about his experience in Kenya. As God guided their conversations and meetings, it became evident to both Edward and Chase that they would be working together soon on something that God has burdened their hearts for separately but for a common purpose, Kimbilio. Chase is now in the process of gathering the necessary information from us and praying through the preparation process as he begins to take on the design work of a three phase building project in Kenya for Invest.

Chase is uniquely gifted in his future area of expertise and is willing to do anything he can to help make Kimbilio a reality. Every time I meet with Chase, he thanks me and looks amazed that we would entrust a project like this to young man still in school. Every time I meet with Chase, I thank him for his willingness to believe that God will work through him in a way that will bring so much glory to His name and no other. There is a community of people at Clemson now, a mixture of students and faculty (some Christ followers and others not), with a vision to work collaboratively on a project in Kenya that will one day provide holistic care to orphans in a unique way. God is in this and God is driving this and we are committed to doing things in a way that brings glory and fame to Him!

Edward was obedient and took a risk of sharing this "crazy dream" that God had given to him. Chase was obedient to hear that and share the "crazy dream" that God had given to him. Now, together, they are leading those around them to use their gifts and talents to love God by loving others in a big way.

What an honor... to have relationships with students all across the US who are following His call in humble obedience and daily surrender.

Awaken - Disciple - Empower