Brittany Autrey

My name is Brittany Autrey, and I live in Atlanta Georgia. Last year I graduated highschool, and took a year off to seek Gods plan for my life. I applied for the Journey 2010 Internship because I feel like this is a perfect opportunity and time for me to get out of my everyday life and take a step of faith by going to further God’s Kingdom. I believe God has called us Christ followers to go to the ends of the earth and proclaim His name, and I believe “Choose to Invest” displays that very well. I hope to gain from this experience a stronger, closer relationship with my heavenly Father. I also want to gain the confidence along with wisdom to share the Gospel to anyone around me without hesitation.  I jumped into the Journey 2010 program a little later than the others, but God has been doing amazing things in such a short time. For example, God has provided me a full time nanny position for the month of April, and several babysitting opportunities to help me fundraise for my trip. Since my exciting acceptance to Journey 2010, I have been going full force trusting that God will provide everything I need. One of my pastors, Louie Giglio has recently said at Passion City Church “We are… The Light of the World!” And I can’t wait to go to Kenya Africa to declare that truth!