Thankful for Nehemiah

I've been spending time in the book of Nehemiah lately and have been reminded why we do what we do because of his example for us. It is sometimes unreal when we experience the infallible truth's of God in every day / modern day life. The way that God weaved together Nehemiah's life story and documented it for us to read thousands of year later is just a fragment of the miracle that is our life with God. How can the church of America learn from a man who's people were held captive in a foreign land before being released to return to the place that was destroyed in war? When was the last time that we had to rally a community around the idea of physically rebuilding a wall around a city for defense purposes? Me? Never...

It started out by reading Andy Stanley's book, Visioneering several years ago. Nehemiah's life and leadership is central to the concepts introduced in that book as Stanley uses him as an example of someone with a God-given vision and who is determined to glorify God through the fruition of that vision. So many days we have been tempted to just get down from our post, put our heads down and just pursue the vision of the American dream. It's tempting to think that working a 9 to 5 or starting a business would be easier than what we are doing and would provide consistency and stability to our lives. The truth is, it would tear us apart to walk away from rebuilding this wall... a wall that protects young Christ followers by providing pure and Godly fellowship through multi-generational discipleship but has been torn down by the hurt and distractions of this world. We all have a metaphorical wall to help build or rebuild. God creates us and gives us a purpose for living, to glorify Him with our lives. Often times He gives us a glimpse or vision of how He is specifically calling us to do that, and then it becomes our honor and privilege to forsake worldly desires to allow His to become our own.

The task at hand for us at Choose to Invest carries with it a huge weight of responsibility as we teach His truths to the next generation and allow God to shepherd them through our lives. It's overwhelming, time consuming, it's sometimes messy God can choose to expand or retract our influence. We are excited about our announcement tomorrow because we feel that God is expanding our territory (His territory) for His glory. Today, I'm thankful for Nehemiah's example of authentic commitment to God first and therefore, the calling he had received. I'm eternally grateful for God and His sovereignty throughout all seasons of life, for His indescribable wisdom, and his unfathomable ability to teach us through the timeless principles that come from a growing relationship with Him.

Excited for tomorrow!