Tommy Nika

Hello to all,

I am Tommy Nika, and I am on my way to becoming a Journey 2010 intern. I currently live in the small town of Rochester, Illinois. I am still a senior in high school at Rochester High. I'm really excited to be out of high school and move on with life! This trip is definitely going to be a good way to take the next step. Two days before I was told about this internship I was asking God to do what he wanted with my life, and I planned on following with whatever or wherever he would guide me. Two days later I received a call from a former intern and staff member now, Becca Jakaitis, telling me to apply because she thought I would really love it. Before that day I had never even thought about applying. But, as soon as I heard of the oppurtunity, it was all that I could think about. I got accepted, and am now counting the days until we begin the journey! On this trip I am really looking forward to making relationships with other interns, and with people that we meet. I hope to gain experience in many different aspects. I want to be able to understand the native culture a little better, and express my love to the people of Africa. It has been amazing to have my community support me like they have, financially and spiritually. It is very humbling to know what kind of God we have and what amazing things he can do in such a short amount of time. The Journey 2010 group will be meeting very soon, and we will be on our way together. I am excited to be apart of a group that is ready to do something. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!!