$10,000 Matching Grant

$10,000 matching grant = movement for the future.... 
CHOOSE TO INVEST: global discipleship movement for the next generation

October is going to be a month of vision and surprise! I was talking with a great friend of Invest (and ours!) last week when he challenged the Invest community with a $10,000 matching grant. We are excited and amazed that all donations made to Invest in the month of October will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000!!! That means that we have the potential to raise $20,000 just in the month of October. This is HUGE for invest and I can't explain what that would do to our momentum heading in the the next season of assembling the Journey 2012 team of US college students. Not to mention our plans to head back to Kenya to get established for long-term ministry around the country. What does it mean to partner with Invest through financial support? Invest is a registered non-profit organization in the US and therefore we hold a tax exempt status so your financial support qualifies as a tax deductible charitable donation. More importantly, when you choose to invest with us... you are working together with us to raise up a generation of Christ followers who have a clear understanding of their new identity because of God's grace, the importance of the Church, a global / Biblical worldview perspective, and how their everyday decisions can be made through the lens of eternity. You are investing in the Kingdom of God by helping us disciple students and children both in the US and in Kenya by supporting the following Invest projects:

Journey Internship

Rejoice Project

Future Project (Announcement Coming This Month!)

To partner with us through your financial support and generosity, just click here [button link="https://www.egive-usa.com/account/api/makeagift/14110/" color="teal" window="yes"]Donate Now[/button] to give securely online OR send a check to:

562 Lakeland Plaza #328
Cumming, GA  30040

Thank you for your investment in eternity as we seek to honor God with His vision for Choose to Invest....

Nathanael Avery