Stepping Out

One of our alum left on Monday for 8 months on the mission field, serving God for His Own Glory. We would love to just celebrate and honor Jesus in her as she is beginning to serve God in this way.
Brittany Autrey joined our Journey 2010 team at the beginning of April, when most of the team had been accepted around February. Brittany was a friend of a colleague of ours, and came with tenacious recommendations. We found this to be true of her too, so we quickly onboarded her into our team for Journey and for Kenya. Brittany is a spunky and incredible young woman. Her enthusiasm for life is incredible, and her deep faith in God (that HE REALLY IS who He says He is - she knows that she knows that she knows) is inspiring.
Brittany hadn't spent much time out of the country or away from her family, and this was a very large part of God's ministry to her in 2010. That she might see Him as Provider and Covering, as Family and Friend. I wish that Brittany was able to share with you more and deeper insight into this, but I affirm that this was part of her journey with God. And I have to tell you, God be glorified. As much fervor as Brittany had in getting set to go to Kenya, I definitely had a moment where I wasn't sure she wouldn't even get on the plane to go. I have, since, shared this memory with her and I praise God that He was so honoring of protecting Her as he carried her to Kenya.
As a fellow-journeyer and leader observing Brittany's transformation, I think some of the most profound things showed up for Brittany when she least expected it: a little girl named Anne, being one of the most meaningful. Anne was a little girl that represented playfulness and laughter to me, as I think about the two of them together. I think Anne drew out of Brittany a sheer glee....which was a gorgeous distraction for Brittany from the intense intimacy of the journey she was having with God about her identity and His heart for her. I see that Anne reminded Brittany of the simplicity of her faith in God.
And now Brittany is out serving God, away from home and the components of typical life, to serve Him among the nations here at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.  God had providentially orchestrated it to call Brittany to begin her service among the nations, as a witness to His Greatness. As an Invest team, we cherish our time with Brittany and spur her on into God's Great Story.
Will you join us in praying for Brittany? You can follow her blog and read along about the radical things GOd is doing through her, among the nations, and for His Glory. If I can speak on her behalf, Brittany is so passionate to Brag about her Almighty God and love others that they might see Him. That is what sends her, and when she goes so go our prayers for her.
Kristine Wendt